£1m Compensation for 1960s Birth Injury

The father of a man who has achieved a £1million financial settlement more than 50 years after he was born with severe brain damage has paid tribute to his “remarkable son” and praised his legal team. His son’s refusal to see himself as handicapped means the gap between his birth and the settlement is believed to be the longest ever.

Worked for most of adult life 

The man, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, was left with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. However, despite the severity of his disabilities, he went to school, worked for most of his adult life, married and raised a family.

His father, who also cannot be named, said: “It is unbelievable what our son has achieved in his life. He should be a true inspiration for other children who have disabilities.”

Praising Neil Lorimer, partner and Catastrophic Injury Solicitor, and his colleagues the father said: “I cannot thank Neil and all of the team at Lanyon Bowdler enough. Their professionalism but friendly nature towards myself and my family throughout this case has been unbelievable.”

Family praised by High Court judge

The man has been supported by his parents and his wife, without whose assistance he would need significant professional support. A great concern for the family has been that his parents won't be around forever and the aim of the settlement is to provide for his needs.

The family were praised by the High Court judge for showing “parental love and affection to a degree that is commendable and it has made a huge difference to this man's life.”


Neil Lorimer, said: “The family have shown true strength and determination for more than 50 years and have continued in the same manner throughout this court case. They were a true privilege to work with and represent and everyone on my team is extremely pleased to see the family win the financial claim they deserve.

“The man will be able to fund any changes which may need to be made to his accommodation, access medical therapies and care and will now have a secure future for him and his family. Everyone at Lanyon Bowdler wishes the family well for the future.”