£3 Million Compensation Bill for Schools

Nearly £3 million in damages were paid to children hurt in accidents and scrapes at school during 2008.  While there isn’t a doubt that most of these claims were legitimate it makes me wonder how many of these claims weren’t. 

At least it helps me understand why conkers are banned from schools, why when it is icy children are kept indoors and why some schools are even looking at canceling sports days, they cannot risk children falling over for the risk of being sued.  However this is really part and parcel of growing up. 

One of the handouts was a payment of £35,000 given to a pupil in Derbyshire following a games lesson collision, these claims add up to almost £7,500 per day, and are up on the previous year’s total by £1 million.  

Councils are also facing soaring bills for compensation from accidents happening in parks and playgrounds around the country.  This generation of children risk being wrapped in cotton wool, what’s next?