Are You and Your Car Really Insured?

I have recently dealt with two matters before Telford Magistrates Court involving clients who genuinely believed they were insured but it subsequently transpired they may not have been.

How many people have secured insurance either by way of an internet search engine or alternatively over the phone and then upon receipt of the policy have filed it away? 

Did you know that if there is a problem with your payment going through on a monthly direct debit that the insurers can cancel your policy? 

Obviously they are obliged to write to you asking for alternative methods of payment but if you do not receive that correspondence, you would be none the wiser unless you noticed it was not being taken out of your bank account.

In a recent Court case I successfully persuaded the Magistrates that there were special reasons not to impose penalty points for such an offence and indeed my client was dealt with by way of an absolute discharge and no prosecution costs awarded against him.

In another recent example before the Courts I represented a client who had driven his partner’s motor vehicle assuming that he was covered third party, fire and theft on his own fully comprehensive insurance document taken out on his own car.  It was only when he was stopped by the police that he realised that this was potentially not the case. 

Unbeknown to him, the insurance company in question did not cover him to drive other motor vehicles third party, fire and theft using his own fully comprehensive insurance because he was unemployed.

Without help and assistance from us he may well have found himself with between six to eight penalty points, a financial penalty and prosecution costs for the offence and of course his insurance premiums would have then increased making him less employable in the future.

Fortunately we were able to successfully argue this matter on our client’s behalf and after many sleepless nights for him the matter has now been discontinued.

As an added bonus he will also receive his costs back by way of a Defence Costs Order.