Assisting the CIDT at the University of Wolverhampton

Recently myself and colleague Emma Alsop were delighted to be able to provide assistance to the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) at the University of Wolverhampton.  The CIDT has recently hosted teams from Bangladesh interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding in various fields of business, to assist them in projects planned for their country. 

One of the teams, based at the University’s Telford campus, had specific interest in the registration of land transfers, digitalisation of information, plans relating to land transactions, the security of such information and how to make the ownership of land clear and transparent to all the citizens.  During their stay the team visited various relevant organisations including the Land Registry in Telford.

Following the team's visit to the Land Registry, I chaired a half day de-brief and we then hosted a half day demonstration on the benefits of a conveyancing case management system and it’s interaction with the land transfer process. Emma Alsop, who heads the firm’s residential property team in Shrewsbury, ran the workshop.

The feedback from the Bangladeshi teams was extremely encouraging and it really was a pleasure to be able to offer our help.