Be Untruthful at Your Peril

Everyone will have seen on the news pictures of two very happy women, with their lawyers, standing outside the Supreme Court in London earlier this week. The Court allowed the wives’ appeals so that their financial claims in divorce, which had been concluded, can return to the High Court to be looked at again.


The reason for the decision is that the wives were mis-led by their ex-husbands within the financial claims in their divorce. The wives settled those financial claims, but they were settled without knowing the true extent of their husband’s wealth.

Have the whole claim looked at again

It is common for one party (usually the one with the most wealth) to not be truthful with their financial disclosure so that the case proceeds based upon the information given, and the other party either settles, or the Court makes a decision, based upon the information known. The decision of the Supreme Court in the cases of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil give a very clear message that the party who has got less than they should have because of the dishonesty can go back to Court and have the settlement set aside, and have the whole claim looked at again.

If you have settled a financial claim in divorce without being satisfied that your former spouse was honest in his or her financial disclosure then, talk to one of our specialist family lawyers and we advise you on the procedure for an application to Court to have that previous settlement set aside.