Best & Worst Predictions for 2010

With the start of a new year and a new decade looming, there are many predictions as to what 2010 will bring.  We thought it would be a bit of fun to take a look at some of the best and worst predictions for next year and see if they come true!!

Our pick of the best predictions

House prices drop

Obviously, we keenly watch the property market and the housing market has proven remarkably resilient over the past 12 months, with prices up by 8 per cent, despite the recession, according to the Nationwide.  But can it last?  Rising unemployment, higher borrowing costs and increased supply of homes for sale should dampen prices.  Estate agents are now predicting a drop in house prices, which is good news for those trying to get on to the property ladder.  But, the market has proven the pessimists wrong many times before so don’t be too surprised if prices limp higher.

Travel hotspots

As we shiver in these cold temperatures no doubt we all like to look ahead to holidays and start planning our trip for 2010.  Travel editor for the Mail on Sunday predicts 2010 will see people travelling to destinations which give more for your money.  These include Thailand, Tunisia and even Dubai which could be the next bargain basement destination due to the country’s current economic problems.  And of course, football fanatics will be looking to South Africa due to the 2010 World Cup. 

Our pick of the worst predictions


No one likes strikes, but they seem to have become a regular feature of Britain in recent times and this only looks set to increase.  The Royal Mail may be one of the worst companies in Britain, but it is a national leader when it comes to strikes.  It has been predicted that we will see more walkouts next year, not only in the postal service but Civil Service, NHS and local government.

Golden Nuggets

How can we keep up, one minute gold is valuable, the next it’s not.  According to analysts, Gold is one of the most overpriced assets. The precious metal serves no industrial purpose, and pays no income.  Despite this, its value just keeps going up and up.  According to Timesonline, one of the principal reasons is fear, and there has been a lot of that around lately.  Gold is considered safe, and is thought to hold its value in inflationary times.  But this could all change as the economy improves and the prices could drop during 2010.

Hot stuff

As much as we want to believe this, we feel we have heard it all before! Experts promised us that BBQ summer in 2009 which never arrived, and now they are predicting 2010 will be a scorcher.  Forecasters say it is set to be the hottest year since records began 160 years ago!  Hmm I wonder!