Brain Injuries - Specialist Legal Knowledge is Vital

The Law Society of England and Wales has recently published a press release entitled: “Brain injury victims may lose out on vital compensation”.  

The press release states that personal injury victims who have suffered brain damage as a result of their accident should ensure they seek the advice of a specialist personal injury solicitor who is experienced in the specific challenges their claims can bring. 

Advice from the Law Society emphasises vulnerable individuals, who often have especially complex claims, will greatly benefit from the legal expertise of a solicitor.  

The Law Society chief executive, Desmond Hudson, said:

“The law in this country is clear:  If you are harmed by the negligence of others, you are entitled to fair compensation.  Solicitors specialising in personal injuries help to ensure this happens.

Serious and debilitating injuries, loss of earnings or an inability to lead a normal life must not be glibly dismissed in the myth of “compensation culture”. 

People who suffer brain or spinal damage in many cases are not able to work.  Some require round-the-clock care.  It is absolutely vital that they get the compensation they deserve in order to pay for the support and care they may need, for months, years or lifetimes”.  

Research from the Financial Services Authority revealed personal injury claimants who turned down an insurer’s initial offer and took legal advice from a solicitor received, on average, almost three times more compensation.  

Pursuing your claim with a specialist personal injury solicitor will mean you will get what you are genuinely entitled to.  

I and my colleagues regularly act for clients who have sustained brain injuries, including subtle brain injuries which are sometimes missed by less specialised solicitors but can still have devastating consequences for victims and their families.  The firm is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and of Headway – the Brain Injury Association of Personal Injury Solicitors’ List – and we are therefore able to offer highly specialised advice.  

We have the skills and experience to ensure that clients recover the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled, and to assist clients with obtaining funds for rehabilitation, the appointment of a case manager, care, and other requirements.