Breast Cancer Screening Leads to Unnecessary Treatment

According to an independent review, breast cancer screening leads to thousands of women undergoing unnecessary treatment despite saving lives.

The official  study found 4,000 women in Britain receive therapy for non threatening forms of the disease every year because of over diagnosing.  But, it revealed 1,300 lives are saved by mammograms. There has been ongoing debate about the benefits and harms of screening for the past 10 years, promoting the Government and charity Cancer Research UK to  last year launch a review of the controversial programme.

An independent panel was given the task of analysing data from screening trails  from a number of countries over recent  decades.

The report published in the Lancet concluded that screening reduces breast cancer mortality, but that some over diagnosis occurs. For every life saved, 3 women were over diagnosed . If these figures are used directly, for every 10,000 UK women aged 50, invited to screening for the next 20 years, 43 deaths from breast cancer would be prevented and 129 cases of breast cancer - invasive and non invasive - would be over diagnosed.  That is one breast cancer death prevented for about every 3 over diagnosed cases identified and treated.

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