British Motorists Don't Know what's Legal

An interesting survey recently conducted by the RAC, of 1,526 British motorists has revealed the following quite startling results:

  • 12% did not know it was illegal to write text messages while driving
  • 21% thought it was legal to check social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • 61% wrongly believed it was legal to text at the wheel of a stationary car with the engine running
  • 31% of drivers did not know tailgating was illegal
  • 42% did not know "middle lane hogging" was illegal
  • 53% believed it was safe to use a mobile phone while stuck in traffic or stopped at traffic lights
  • 42% believed they were "unlikely" to be caught for texting while driving
  • 34% worried about other drivers being distracted at the wheel by talking on mobile phones

In addition, approximately 75% of those surveyed said they had seen others talking on hand-held phones while driving - but just 8% admitted doing this themselves.