British Sugar Past Growers - Important Notice

British Sugar have successfully recovered £13.4m from the European Commission on behalf of the UK Sugar Beet Growers and the Sugar Beet industry.  They are now in the process of tracing past growers who are owed a share of this money. The money relates to levies overcharged by the Commission during the years 2001 to 2005. These were paid by British Sugar and a share on behalf of the growers was paid by deduction of a levy from the beet price paid to growers during this period. British Sugar and the NFU have been working to identify all growers who grew sugar beet during this period and to calculate the correct refund payments to them.

British Sugar has written to try and contact some 6,500 past growers of sugar beet who are entitled to a share of the levy refund.

If you grew sugar beet during this period and or know of a farmer who has retired or given up growing sugar beet and have not received correspondence because you have changed your address or traded under a different name, please get in touch via the British Sugar Helpline on 0870 2402314 or email or alternatively contact your local NFU office or me on 01432 378379, email