Changes to Drink & Drug Driving Offences

As of tomorrow, the ‘statutory option’ to request a blood or urine test following a police station reading of 50 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath will be replaced. Instead, the lower reading of the evidential breath tests will be relied on unless there are medical reasons why this cannot be provided. 


In addition, a police officer can now proceed directly to an evidential breath test at the roadside if in possession of a portable evidential device, without the need to carry out a preliminary test. 

Under changes to drug driving, an officer can now arrest if they consider there is sufficient  evidence, without a preliminary test being undertaken, to further investigate an offence by obtaining a blood or urine sample. 

Finally, the legislation is also widened in respect of who, medically, can obtain an evidential sample and where they can do so.