Christmas Tip No 1 - Be Organised

The important thing at Christmas is for everyone to feel relaxed and happy.  If something goes wrong, why not look at it as though something funny has happened and that you’ll have a good story to tell, rather than it being a disaster. 

Make sure you plan your Christmas to avoid any last minute rushes which can push stress levels up even further.  This is especially so when it comes to money, as it’s estimated that 33% of shoppers say that it would take them more than six months to pay off their Christmas spending debt.  Gary Sans from our dispute resolution department advises people to think ahead and plan a budget they can afford to spend, and to then stick to it.  Gary advises “there is no point getting into debt at Christmas and then struggling to pay it off for the rest of the year, be realistic about what you can afford and it will make for a much more enjoyable Christmas”. 

However, if you feel your debts are out of control and you cannot manage, it is a good idea to talk to insolvency lawyer, who will offer impartial advice in order to reduce your debts, and help stabilise your financial situation.