Christmas Tip No 2 - Don't Get Flustered by Families

The festive season can raise stress levels as it’s often the only time in the year when families spend a lot of time together, or see relatives who you may not have seen for a while.  Sue Hodgson, a solicitor within the family department, advises that the key to having a calm and peaceful Christmas is to keep things in perspective and don’t have unrealistic expectations.  She advises “If you are under so much pressure to make Christmas perfect, then you may have missed the point.  Try to remember what Christmas is really all about, and appreciate what you have and those around you, as it will often be your family who support you through the most difficult times.”

Christmas can often be the last straw for those marriages already in trouble however, many couples can survive this stressful time by talking through their problems, or seeking counselling from an organisation such as Relate or mediation from your solicitor.  Not all divorces have to be acrimonious, and often solicitors can work in collaboration to ensure that you to get the best arrangement for your personal circumstances with minimal stress and swift, positive outcomes.