Christmas Tip No 3 - Stay Healthy

I’m sure I don’t need to point it out, but this time of the year can be very stressful, many of us spend weeks rushing about preparing for our ‘perfect’ Christmas, and this can lead to a breakdown of our immune system. 

This impact on our immune system will leave us susceptible to colds anyway, but of course we come into contact with more people at Christmas, which potentially exposes us to a greater number of infections!  Eating extra calories, a reduction in exercise, plus stressful situations between family members can really take its toll on our health. 

The change from our usual routine can wreak havoc with digestion, skin, sleep patterns, blood sugar levels and even our mood.  So it’s a really good idea to try and get out and take a few brisk walks over the festive period.  Giving ourselves time to relax is important in avoiding Christmas pressures according to stress counsellor Gladeana McMahon.  She suggests instead of going out every night, we should curl up with a good book, or pour some soothing aromatherapy oils into a bath and have a long soak.   Sounds excellent advice to me!