Companies Act 2006 Brings in Further Changes

October has been a significant month for us corporate solicitors. The coming into force of the remainder of the Companies Act 2006, which changes the legal framework under which companies operate, has affected almost all aspects of my daily work.  As well as having to come to terms with over 1300 replacement statutory provisions, other changes have taken place as a result, meaning even more homework for me.
An example is Companies House, the statutory body which holds the public records for companies, which has changed all forms used for filing the information the law requires. For instance as from 1 October 2009 a "Form 288b" filed to notify Companies House of Mr Grumpy's resignation as director of the company Mr Men Limited will be rejected. Instead the new "Form TM01" will need to be filed. 
You may be thinking that this is all just a minor technicality. However most Companies House forms carry a filing deadline and corresponding penalty if the deadline is not met. My concern is that during this transition period if a company unwittingly files an out-of-date form it will be rejected by Companies House and this may mean that the deadline is missed resulting in a penalty. 
Companies House have proved to be of assistance in helping companies (and overburdened corporate solicitors!) to work out which form has replaced which and to easily access the new forms. Have a look at:

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