Complaints Against Doctors Rise Dramatically

The General Medical Council has recently announced that the number of complaints made against doctors has risen by a staggering 23% in the last year.

The General Medical Council will say that this is a result of greater public expectations and an increasing willingness to complain.  Whilst they have specifically stated that there is no evidence of decreasing standards in care it is a known fact that in some cases patients unfortunately receive negligent medical care and treatment.  The injuries caused as a result of this poor care can have both dramatic and life changing effects. 

These figures are likely to cause a greater focus on the quality of care in health services across the board which can only be beneficial.  However, some patients will continue to suffer physical and psychological injuries that were clearly avoidable.

Doctors have a duty to those they are treating to provide reasonably competent care and skill.  To assess the appropriate standard we consult medico-legal experts who work in the same medical specialism and ask them whether they consider the care was reasonable in all the circumstances.

Please contact our clinical negligence department on 01743 280280 if you have concerns about the quality of the care you received whether that be by your GP or at hospital.  The first meeting with a solicitor will involve no charge and with no obligations attached.