Contaminated Saline Poisons 16 at Stepping Hill Hospital

It has today been reported that a total of 16 patients have been poisoned by contaminated saline at the Stepping Hill Hospital.

Three of the patients later died and Police continue to investigate whether their deaths were caused as a result of receiving unlawfully administered insulin.

As a result, for the time being at least no-one is allowed to administer intravenous drips alone and all keys to medicine cabinets now have to be signed for.

Breathing problems

The Police were first called to Stepping Hill on 12 July after it was reported that in previous days, there had been a higher than normal number of patients on a particular ward with "unexplained" low blood sugar levels.

The deceased are Ms Arden, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and died on 7 July; retired photographer Mr Lancaster who died on 11 July.  The third death was of Mr Weaver, who died on 21 July after suffering a hypoglycaemic episode on 11 July - a day after he was admitted from a care home with breathing problems.

Charges dropped

27 year old Nurse, Rebecca Leighton was held in custody for six weeks over the incident. However seven charges against her of criminal damage with intent to endanger life and theft, were later dropped.

Ms Leighton was released without charge on 2 September but remains suspended from work while an internal investigation is carried out although she has been told she can return to nursing in the future.

If you require any further information with regard to a sudden and unexplained hospital death please contact a member of our clinical negligence team.