Copper Workshops at Severndale Specialist School

Getting people involved is an essential aspect of our garden projects.  Before long people at Lanyon Bowdler will start to grow Thrift and other coastal plants, for use in the show garden which will feature at Shrewsbury Flower Show.  These plants will then be replanted in the garden to be recreated at Severndale Specialist School.

But over the last couple of months some amazing copper workshops have been held at the school.  Garden designer Mike Russell knows lots of people, and he has been able to introduce us to talented coppersmith Richard Taylor.  Richard has spent time with the students and teachers, showing them how to create pieces of art, tiles and most importantly, the scales for the 'fish water feature' which will be part of the garden.

The picture below show Richard working with copper.

Richard Taylor

Some of the pieces made during the various workshops....

Copper Pieces

A copper fish....

Copper Fish

Trips to seaside are coming up, and we shall be meeting at the school to look at the material to be used for our 'sea experience' flooring.  More will follow, but you can also keep up to date with the dedicated blog, which can be found here.