Coronation Street Domestic Violence Storyline

Following on from my previous blog (click here) highlighting the issues raised within Coronation Street’s storyline between Tyrone and Kirsty it is pleasing to note it all ended well for Tyrone, whom you may recall was the victim of severe domestic violence perpetrated by Kirsty.

Given Kirsty’s testimony to the Court and pleading guilty to abusing Tyrone, Ruby their daughter was returned immediately to his care.

If I had been representing Tyrone at the time I would have suggested, in order to protect Ruby from any further risk of harm, he make an application to the Court for a Residence Order and Prohibited Steps Order.

There continues to be the fact that Tyrone is not registered as the father on Ruby’s birth certificate, which as stated in my previous blog means he does not have Parental Responsibility for Ruby, regardless that she is now in his care. This means, should anything happen to Ruby which could lead to her requiring emergency treatment, Tyrone would not be in a position to give permission for such treatment. It is likely Kirsty would now sign a Parental Responsibility Order, however if she did not an application would need to be made to the Court.

The Court’s paramount concern is the welfare of a child and it is likely, although it can never be guaranteed as ultimately it is the decision of the Court, given Kirsty’s plea of guilty such applications for Parental Responsibility, Residence and Prohibited Steps would be granted and approved in Tyrone’s favour.

A Residence Order simply states with whom a child should live. A Prohibited Steps Order limits the exercise of parental rights and duties, and is used to prevent a person doing something which the Court considers will not be in the child’s interests, which could include, upon Kirsty being released from prison, having any form of contact with Ruby or to approach either Tyrone or Ruby.