Coronation Street Storyline Highlights The Aftermath of Brain Injury

The nation has watched as Coronation Street’s Nick Tilsley and his family have had to deal with the aftermath of his accident and face the day-to-day battles fought by someone who has acquired a brain injury. 

These storylines allow the public to gain a better understanding of this type of injury which can only benefit those, who, in real life have to deal with such challenges. As a viewer I am shown Nick’s personality change, his anger, his sensitivity to noise, his frustration and the struggle of appearing “normal” to everyone on the outside, whilst battling to accept the damage caused.

As a lawyer I want to know why his rehabilitation is limited so far to “counselling”. As a firm specialising in brain injury, we know how powerful rehabilitation is. It can play a huge part in assisting those injured to adjust to the enormous challenges they face. There are many charities who can help, like Headway - the Brain Injury Association, plus there are services available on the NHS but we know those services are limited and not accessible for all.

For those who have sustained a brain injury, and who have a potential personal injury claim, it is crucial a specialist lawyer is appointed. Their legal representative must understand their fears, recognise the subtleties of such a complex injury guide them to the appropriate rehabilitation services and offer support to maximise their recovery.

A specialist lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to maximise compensation awards to ensure that a brain injured client’s rehabilitation needs and expenses are considered thoroughly, not just for the initial period but for their own and their family’s futures.

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