Countdown to the Shrewsbury Half Marathon

Saturday’s post brought with it the starter pack for the Shrewsbury half marathon (scheduled for Sunday 23 June) even including safety pins for my bib, it was suddenly very real and very close.

I was already getting very nervous as I haven’t done anywhere near as much training as I had hoped. Life, law and laundry seemed to be encroaching on my time.  I had a wobble yesterday and declared I would not be running, but that’s only pride, knowing I wouldn’t achieve a Bolt-like finish time! But I have now resigned my competitive ego to its box and will be running in reality real time, which means I suddenly got very excited, as it will be a great, fun packed, motivating event raising money for very genuine causes. 

My aim is just to finish (preferably before nightfall ) and enjoy the day.

Now…..where are the chocolates as I must carbo load - at least that is my excuse!

Our chosen charities for the year are Age UK North Shropshire and Echo in Leominster.