Courtrooms to go Digital

Courtrooms in England and Wales will be fully digital by 2016 the Government says, ending what it described as "an outdated reliance on paper" according to a report released by the BBC recently.

The Government is investing £160m in an attempt to improve the speed and efficiency of the criminal justice system.

Measures will include secure wi-fi in courts so lawyers and judges can access all necessary documents.

Information will increasingly be shared electronically, securely and efficiently across agencies in the criminal justice system, suggesting a file not being in court should no longer lead to an adjournment.

Currently, CPS lawyers work from tablet devices and documents are supposed to be sent to defence lawyers via secure email.

Personal experience suggests that more often than not the papers are not being served in time.

There are also concerns over security and what might happen if the system crashed. To date I have had cases adjourned due to technical problems. Surely this can only increase when more pressure is placed on the system and be counterproductive to the Government aims?

It is not quite the same as seeing somebody face to face to discuss their case and difficult to discuss papers that are not 'physically' present.