Criminal Lawyer Protest

As reported in today's news, some criminal lawyers will not be attending courts this morning in protest at planned £220m cuts to legal aid.

The Ministry of Justice has responded by saying that efficiencies were necessary to ensure legal aid remained "sustainable".

The Criminal Bar Association has warned that if the pay dispute is not resolved, trials due to start after April, could be jeopardised.

Although we are often portrayed as 'fat cat lawyers' by the media, the reality is far from that.

At present, anyone arrested for any crime is guaranteed free and independent access to a solicitor or representative , 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, expert advice and assistance is currently available at the Magistrates and Crown Courts should people ever find themselves charged with a criminal offence.

If the cuts come in, then this will change the landscape dramatically.  You may only miss us when we are gone - when you or a loved one are falsely accused of a crime on Christmas Day, there maybe nobody left to help you.