Cyclists Urged to Use their Heads and Wear Helmets

Never have the roads of Britain been so full of cyclists: 6.8 million people cycle once a month, an increase of one million in four years, according to British Cycling. With the Tour de France gripping Yorkshire and the rest of our Isles, more and more individuals are getting into lycra and onto their bikes.

In contrast however a recent BBC survey found that over half of British adults believe their local roads are too dangerous to cycle on. Cycling organisations have now renewed calls for the government and local authorities to invest in a better infrastructure and protective measures and Headway, the brain injury association, are fully behind such an appeal.

Luke Griggs, Director of Communications at Headway, has said that “Cycling is a great way to travel and should be encouraged – but cyclists need better protection including wearing a helmet.”

Such a simple purchase and getting into the habit of wearing a helmet can make a huge difference to the potential damage caused in an accident. A helmet can literally save your life and is vital to protect an individual’s fragile skull and brain. How many of us insist on our children wearing their helmet before they leave the house only to follow on behind them without our own?

As a solicitor helping individuals and their families whose lives have been devastated by head injury I am fully behind Headway and their plight. A head injured client and their family will have to overcome the fear of managing such a complex injury and the reality of facing a lengthy recovery. Although accidents can never be wholly avoided we must all do what we can - to repeat the plea of Headway “Please, use your head – use a helmet”