Damages Recovered for Bespoke Footwear to Correct Gait

Despite the disappointment of not getting a ballot place for next years London marathon, (it’s my 50th so thought I would do something memorable!), I have decided to still take up the mantel and train anyway. In settling my training plan, I will need to factor in work on posture, core strength and gait as much as endurance and speed and of course will need to consider whether I can justify a new a pair of trainers.

So it was with interest that I read David Holland’s article in PI Focus on gait dysfunction after personal injury. (David is a consulting Podiatrist, an expert in gait analysis and specialist in bespoke footware requirements.) He had referred in the article to a case where I had used him as my client’s expert.  

The client had been injured in a serious RTA injury having undergone very extensive surgical procedures. One of her remaining (although far from the most serious) injuries was the issue of gait. It was something her previous solicitors had not even considered.  She did however, have very severe problems with her left foot, (the normal plantar fat pad on the bottom of her foot had gone, which meant she was effectively attempting to walk on unprotected bone which minimised her ability to push off).  More importantly she was very self conscious about her gait. The NHS had been unable to quantify what was wrong or offer her a solution, the insoles that she had been prescribed were not comfortable and made her feel as if she was wearing “Old peoples shoes” her alternative was to wear her husbands! 

We successfully argued for £40,000 of specialist bespoke footwear over her lifetime which not only addressed gait issues, but her self esteem too. 

Whilst I do not think I could justify bespoke footwear, I do think I might be able to allow a pair of trainers into the kit bag, and hopefully will be inspired to think that a few hours of voluntary discomfort raising money for the Lanyon Bowdler supported charities, is nothing in comparison to the lifetime of discomfort that some people have to endure. 


By paying attention to detail and using the correct specialist, we can improve clients comfort and self esteem by getting them the correct amount of damages required for the appropriate footwear needed.