Danger - Mud on the Road

West Mercia Safer Roads Partnership is continuing with a major publicity campaign and has also been working with the National Farmers’ Union to get the message across that farmers are still not taking sufficient steps to clean tractors and equipment before returning to the public highway. 

Changing weather conditions and heavy rain during the past few months continue to leave farmers and their contractors vulnerable to Police action should they deposit mud on the road.  This follows several accidents last year. Chief Inspector Thomas of West Mercia Police raised concerns with the NFU, “Every Autumn we raise these points with farm vehicles leaving large amounts of mud on the roads, particularly during harvest of sugar beet and potatoes”.  

I’ve been working with Hereford NFU officers to provide advice to farmers and landowners regarding their legal responsibilities when using farm equipment on the highway.  It is an ongoing concern and farmers and their contractors need to look more seriously at how they can clean their vehicles sufficiently and manage their harvest process effectively to comply with Highway requirements and protect the travelling public. 

I’d urge all farmers and contractors to seriously consider this problem since they are potentially leaving themselves and their staff open to prosecution.