Dangerous Dog Offences - Compulsory Insurance Should Still Be Considered

Following my colleague Stephen's blog earlier this morning, I welcome the news that the new sentencing guidelines for those convicted of dangerous dog offences will be published by the Sentencing Council today, but would reiterate that I'd still like the Government to reconsider their proposal for compulsory insurance on dogs - which they had announced back in March 2010.

There are a staggering 200,000 dog bites in the UK each year which often leave victims with permanent physical and psychological scarring and often no course for compensation as the owners do not have any insurance to meet any claim. 

Responsible owners of dogs have nothing to fear in respect of the new sentencing guidelines, as they are the people who ensure that their dogs are cared for properly and controlled.  It is a very sad fact that some people who own dogs do not take responsibility for them or indeed choose a particular breed to use to attack or for dog fighting.  I would urge anyone who has concerns of a dog have a vicious nature to report it immediately to the Police.

Often, attacks are not reported to the Police which means there is no evidence of an owner’s irresponsibility, and no way of knowing which owners need educating on how to control the dog. 

If you have been bitten by a dog contact a local solicitor who specialises in dog attacks, as you may be eligible for a compensation claim.