Dangerous Dogs Legislation Review

The Government is expected to make an announcement later today on proposals to introduce new legislation to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs.

Under the plans set to be announced, dog owners will have to pay for their pets to be fitted with a microchip, meaning that every puppy will be fitted with a device detailing who they belong to.

The Government is also expected to close a current loophole in the law which would mean that dog owners will potentially face prosecution if their dog attacks someone in their homes.

The legislation will also cover postal workers along with others who go onto private property, as well as children following some recent high profile incidents.

Owners who fail to control dogs in their house or garden could face up to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of £5000.

There will, however,  be a defence expected to be included to protect an owner if a dog attacks criminal trespassers such as burglars.