Debt Advice for the New Year

With the Christmas and New Year festivities over, now is the time when people review their spending habits and take stock of the true cost of Christmas. With the increase in VAT, and rises in fuel prices, the financial forecast for 2011 is cautious, with the government already warning of a difficult financial year ahead.  Come January, people find themselves in a situation where previous financial worries are amplified by the bills arriving from the festive season. Piles of unopened envelopes, ignoring the phone, constant worry and sleepless nights - these are just some of the symptoms of debt denial. 

Naturally the credit card bills start to arrive from January and people enter into the New Year burdened with debt as a result of overspending at Christmas time.  Each month brings new reasons to hide further under the duvet and simply hope for the best. 

You are not alone.  The UK debt help market has never been busier, as a massive percentage of the nation’s consumers continue to struggle to cope with their finances in the wake of the credit crunch.

However serious your debt problems are, you need to be proactive in sorting them out.  Sitting at home worrying isn’t going to fix anything and neither will denial.  If you have serious debt problems then you have to take decisive action.
If you find yourself in this black hole and seem to be falling deeper and deeper you need to seek advice from an experienced debt professional.  Lanyon Bowdler have the experience to guide you through this difficult time and help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Lanyon Bowdler are currently offering 30 minutes free debt advice, and an appointment can be arranged by contacting Gary Sans on 0800 6523374 or