Dedication Can Cause Difficulties....

If, like me, you are of a certain age, you’ll probably remember children’s TV programme from the 1970s and 1980s called “Record Breakers”. The show used to finish with the presenter, Roy Castle, playing his trumpet, and singing a song called “Dedication”, which finished with the words “Dedication’s what you need….if you want to be a record breaker”.

Dedication might help you win records, but I’ve found it can also get you into difficulty. 

For a couple of days I’d been trying to get hold of a barrister to discuss a case we’re working on together, in advance of a hearing at court in a few days’ time. We’d been missing each other on the phone, and I left a message asking him to ring me in the evening, any time.

I was on my way to collect my son from a brass band rehearsal at a local primary school when my mobile rang. Not wanting to take the call while driving, I waited till I got into the school car park, switched off the lights and the engine and checked my phone. Sure enough, it had been the barrister. I rang straight back, and we discussed what we needed to, while my son got into the car and waited patiently. Call done, I started the engine and turned the car round…to find that while I’d been on the phone, someone had closed the school gate and padlocked it, trapping us in the car park.

My not-too-chuffed wife came to pick us up and we climbed out over the fence, leaving my car behind to be collected in the morning.

I like to think that I provide a good service to my clients, but I hope that’s the last time I get locked up for being dedicated to a client’s case.