Delivery from B&Q Expected for the Headway Showgarden

The Lanyon Bowdler garden challenge is well and truly underway.  Clients at Headway Shropshire are hard at work creating stunning pieces of art and now, thanks to the kind generosity of Shrewsbury’s B&Q, stocks of planters, seed trays and an assortment of seeds are about to be delivered – meaning the growing can begin in earnest.

Headway Shropshire provides support to those who have suffered head/brain injuries, the facilities at Oxon Business Park offer a place to socialise and re-learn basic skills such as cookery.  The challenge of producing vegetables, plants and art for the Garden, which has been entered into the 2010 Shrewsbury Flower Show, has provided an opportunity to focus on a unique project. 

Case Manager Frank Buzzard says “There has been such an enthusiastic response to this idea and we really like the concept of the labyrinth, so much so that one has been marked up on the grass outside the centre, which we will be setting with stones in order to create a permanent feature.”

This project is receiving much interest and support.  Working with award winning garden designer Mike Russell contributions and donations have already been offered from The Heritage Stone Company, based in Harmer Hill, Huw Morris from Lusty Garden Furniture and metalwork designer Jack Taylor.

You can follow the blog dedicated to this Show Garden at: - if you are interested in offering support contact me on 01952 224046 or email - of course we would be delighted to see you at the Show!