Divorce Battle Tycoon Reveals Second Family

Just read about the tycoon down in London who is locked in £11 m divorce battle.  He has gone back on the original order to pay 43% of the total £25.8m assets of the marriage arguing that the credit crunch had dented his wealth and changed his circumstances.
However he has confessed to harbouring a secret common law wife and child in the same neighbourhood as his ex-wife! 

He is reported as saying that he was an "extremely good husband" and that his ex-wife deserved a fraction of her settlement as there were a certain class of women today who contribute nothing to the family wealth and then expect 50 per cent on divorce.

He is “unrepentant” about his double life and even believes he has done nothing wrong even though he has been with his new partner since 1998 – effectively as common law man and wife.
This is outrageous, what makes him think he can behave like this and especially saying that women contribute nothing to the family wealth!