Do-it-Yourself Divorce

We had a new washing machine delivered at home last week.  The deliverer was not prepared to attach the hose to the machine so it was either a case of paying for a plumber to come and do it or attaching the hose myself.  I have no plumbing qualifications but I attached the hose and am pleased to report that, several days and several washes later, our utility room has not been flooded!

I am no DIY expert but I can do certain tasks and then get in the experts when I think it is necessary.  I mention this because The Daily Telegraph did an article on 27 February headed "Prenups spark Do-It-Yourself divorce ‘revolution’".  The Government's legal reviewer is putting forward proposals which would enable married couples to draft their own DIY divorce settlements using an officially-approved financial formula.

In the same way I can save money by doing some DIY myself, we Lawyers have to accept that clients will want to save legal costs by doing some of the legal work themselves.  However certain legal work really ought to be left to the Lawyers who have undergone the appropriate training and many years of practice.  Hopefully readers of this blog will take note, and consult us before taking any legal steps, or if and when those steps which have been taken get rather complicated.

Amongst the pricing options which we give to clients is what we call the "Pay As You Go" option, where the client does some of the work themselves and only involves us when they consider it necessary.  We therefore only charge for the work that the client does not think they are able to do themselves.  This can very much keep the costs down.  Our clients who have taken this option have reported that they are very pleased with the cost saving.

In the same way I bring in the experts to do plumbing, electrical work or whatever, when I think that the job is beyond my limited capabilities, I hope that you will consult Lanyon Bowdler's Family experts when you consider there is a need to do so.