Does Charity Really Begin At Home?

After years of having my hands full looking after my two children, my eldest left our nest and flew off to uni (leaving only one independent older teen at home). I found myself with more time than I knew what to do with, and my love of baking going mouldy as there were no hoards of kids to eat what I was baking…


So after a chat with my colleagues, (who are more than happy to eat cake and biscuits) I now spend an evening a week baking cakes and biscuits which are sold to raise funds for our charities.

This year we are supporting Maninplace in Telford, which provides accommodation for the homeless and The Harry Johnson Trust, which offers help and support to children and teenagers who are receiving care from the Oncology Team at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.

We also hold an ingredient amnesty so anyone with any part used baking ingredients can leave me what they have, for me to use up.

To me it doesn’t seem like I’m doing much, in fact I’m doing something I really love, and I’m greeted by an increasing crowd every Wednesday when the cakes come to work, and since October 2017 we’ve raised over £300 for our charities.


So yes, just giving a couple of hours a week (and I don’t even leave home) is helping our charities (and giving our staff an extra lift on a Wednesday) and keeping me busy and feeling useful.

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