Don't Always Believe What You Read!

I have recently noticed when dealing with clients that they have a preconceived idea of what their likely sentence is going to be.

When asked, they tell me they have "looked on Google" to find out what was likely to happen to them once sentenced.

Whilst the internet can be an extremely useful tool to find  information on a number of things, people should not always believe what they see.

As I regularly point out to clients, cases which attract media attention are often the more serious offences and can therefore give a slanted view regarding likely sentence.

Many people appear before the local courts on a daily basis for similar offences which do not attract imprisonment and may not be as newsworthy.

Obviously there are only a handful of offences where the sentence is mandatory or indeed inevitable. The vast majority cover a sentencing range from a conditional discharge to imprisonment.

The only way to get a safe and reliable guide regarding your likely sentence is by speaking to an expert criminal solicitor.