Don't Be A Christmas 'Pullover'

Tomorrow sees the start of December and with it the run into the Christmas period.


As well as the annual appearance of the Christmas jumpers and other related items, it is also traditionally the time of year that the police start a clampdown on those driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, and this year, the police will also be using recently introduced drug kits to establish if people are driving under the influence of drugs:

Most people are aware of the drink drive laws, but there are still those who ‘take a risk’ with the amount of alcohol they consume, either at the time, or driving the morning after, oblivious to how much alcohol is in their system.

However, few people are aware that they could lose their licence by having certain drugs, both illicit and generally prescribed, in their system.

Should you be a Christmas ‘pullover’, it is important you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.