Downton Abbey Residents would have Benefited from Lanyon Bowdler

ITV1's award winning drama Downton Abbey continues to keep viewers glued to their television screens. 

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when the lovely Lady Sybil died in child birth recently. In view of the dithering of the doctors involved, this would clearly have been a case for investigation by our clinical negligence department.

However, what the programme appears to have glossed over are the financial consequences for the devastated husband, chauffer Tom, and for those “upstairs". The unfortunate Sybil’s estate will no doubt pass to Tom. Will this include a share of Downton itself?

Shock, horror! Did Lady Sybil leave a will? If not, she would have been wise to have contacted our private client department prior to her marriage. 

Did she persuade Tom to enter onto a pre-nuptial agreement? Our experienced and sympathetic family law experts would have been eager to advise and assist her!

How times have changed...