Dragon Boat Racing

“I need more dragon boating in my life” was my elated declaration of intent last Sunday afternoon, after the Lanyon Bowdler dragon boat went head to head with 31 teams in support of Severn Hospice’s dragon boat festival held at the Pengwern Rowing Club.


Early Alarm

The day started off with what felt like some surreal triathlon. Stage one started with a 5.30 alarm, followed by wrestling the five bird roast in to the oven in preparation of a full Fathers day Sunday dinner (with all the trimmings.) Thereafter was a swift change into thermal base layers for a minus 8 ice skating session, only to manically return home for swift, stage three transition change into my dragon boat fancy dress attire.

Teddy Bear Ears

Teddy bear ears and tail secured, we were off for our inaugural team health and safety meeting before taking to the water. It would be fair to say that enthusiasm was in greater abundance than technique or ability (legal disclaimer here, to say I speak only for myself, so as to avoid any unnecessary litigation from my esteemed and clearly more talented colleagues.)


The day was a huge success, the Lanyon Bowdler flag flew high. Kay Kelly got into full character leading the drumming, dressed in full bear attire. We didn’t win, but raised lots of well deserved funds for a tremendous cause, and will definitely be up for it next year…may even try to squeeze the half marathon in too! Anything is possible for an LB bear.