Edward's Musings

Anybody striving for a healthy work/life balance will appreciate how elusive this “holy grail” of the professional life can be - especially in the midst of a credit crunch.  It often amazes me how extreme the contrast from one end of this spectrum to the other can be.  After a particularly gruelling and productive working week, I found my weekend occupied by my godchildren’s birthdays. 

Three years old and female is a very scary combination and two parties in one day are more than most people’s nerves would stand.  As two rooms full of a variety of active, demanding children filled my Saturday, I was grateful for the fact that offering dads a proper drink at these events is not quite yet taboo!

As I lovingly crafted a lolly stick worm with my five year old daughter, I thought how children can, for many of us, be the concrete evidence of our existence that we leave behind. So it is ensuring that there is adequate provision for clients’ children and other loved ones and preparing for the future that makes the job I do so vital.

This was further highlighted to me by an article I read in one of my wife’s magazines about a well known British actress.  Pregnant with her third child, she was working on a TV series in America when her husband – an eminent plastic surgeon of only 43 – dropped dead on the doorstep of their London home.  To further complicate this poor woman’s life, her husband died without a Will.

Both these people were high achievers and high net worth individuals but, as she put it, “he was the cash flow and I was the investor”.  She found herself a widow, a couple of months from giving birth to their third child.  As if that were not bad enough, she then went through weeks of stress, deeply worried about the risk of losing their family home. Why? Because her husband had not prepared a Will.

So I cannot stress enough how important it is to make a Will and, even if you think you have nothing worth leaving , at least leave what is there in order.  Somebody you love will be very grateful for the fact.

On a cheerier note my home and work teams are both thriving and, if only the sun would shine, I would be feeling more than a little spring in my step.

Finally, we have installed a shiny, new huge television in our Shrewsbury office reception area for clients waiting for their appointments - just in time for the most extraordinary time in politics I can think of for years. I can report that today is the first time in over a week that, when I have visited the reception area, Sky News is not reporting the resignation of yet another government minister!  A week is a long time in politics and, as one wag put it, the weak can be a long time in politics too!