Embrace Change

As I wake up in the morning and head off to start my day, I am noticing that once again, and all too quickly, one season is starting to morph into another – the morning drop in temperature being the most obvious sign that the seasons are changing and winter is just around the corner.


Inevitable and cyclical change is always a heartbeat away and is what makes our lives exciting, inspirational and worth heading out of the front door to enjoy. We all need the refreshing hit of cold water to snap us out of our lethargy and start the next chapter of our existence.

In the Private Client Department we see a lot of change every day. Whether it is staff coming and going, training on changes to tax legislation or an existing client’s requirements altering, evolution and revolution is all around us and I cannot work out why a lot of us fear it so much.

The world keeps turning

The daily grind, for me, is completely overcome by meeting people and assisting with their needs as the pattern of their lives alters. This might range from drafting a new will due to a birth, marriage or death to giving tax planning advice after a windfall or lottery win. The world keeps turning and so we must alter and adapt continually to keep up with it.

The biggest change in my own life in the last five years has been the arrival in 2011 of my third child. My wife and I were already fortunate enough to have a boy and a girl, both well established at school and on the cusp of pre-teendom. As we approached the age of 40, the new 50 apparently (or is that the other way round!), after some initial shock, our lives changed for the better when we realised we were going to be reacquainting ourselves with nappies, sleepless nights, wooden toys and, just last month, Jolly Phonics! Older and wiser (or exhausted and mad) this was a change we embraced wholeheartedly. Having said that, it is perhaps not, shall we say, for the feint hearted!

Life is a cyclical process. Change is inevitable. As it is happening all around us every day, we have simply got to embrace it. But if you need a steer and are looking for some peace of mind, call us and arrange to see a member of our brilliant Private Client team. We can help you to ensure that any changes that you have experienced have been taken care of and you can get on with the next chapter of your own evolving lives.