False CV's Could Result in Jail

The number of job seekers lying about their qualifications has reached alarming levels, meaning 40% could face jail after the landmark decision to imprison a woman for six months over her false CV.

In March, Rhiannon Mackay was jailed after falsifying references and qualifications.  The 29 year old was employed by the NHS in 2008 but suspicions were raised by colleagues a year later.

Plymouth Magistrates Court heard how Ms Mackay had used the CV for 11 separate job applications.  Upon admitting fraud, she became the first British woman to be jailed for lying on a CV.

But research from office recruitment specialist, Tate, shows that more than 40% of people have at some point exaggerated their qualifications.

They commented "Increased incidences of people falsifying their CVs isn’t surprising, especially with the slow rate of change of unemployment."

According to Tate’s research, with unemployment rates reaching the highest level for 14 years, job applicants are embellishing CVs in an attempt to mislead employers and secure a job in such a competitive market.

Employers concerned about the competence of their staff have been told to conduct strenuous interviews and background checks to ensure they are not duped.

Suggestions include conducting comprehensive assessments, behavioural interviewing and referencing, in order to identify anomalies in job seekers’ applications.

While those looking for employment should re-evaluate their CVs and ensure Ms Mackay is not joined in the cells by fellow job seekers.