Fantastic Total Funds Raised for Moonwalk Challenge

I recently received a letter regarding the Moonwalk London challenge I completed earlier in the year, thanking me for taking part.

They tell me that the funds raised by the Moonwalk London to date come to £5,763,700 (I raised £1,002.99 in sponsorship) and the total fundraising for this year is a staggering £8,252,538 million!  The money is still coming in, so they are confident it is going to be a good year! 

So, where does the money go? The ethos of Walk the Walk is to grant money to where they know it will really make a difference, not only to breast cancer research, but also to raise awareness about prevention, and support those who are suffering from cancer right now.

This year funds have been granted to numerous charities who do just that,  including setting up a Tissue Bank with Breast Cancer Campaign, helping Penny Brohn Cancer Care to not only offer their services for free but also to take them nationwide, The Haven have been able to continue their special care, and The Christie Hospital in Manchester has been able to expand its holistic support to patients. 

I feel very proud to have taken part in the Moonwalk event and it was a special time for me.  The training was extremely hard, however I loved the actual marathon and the comradeship – whilst London at night was something else!

I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support, as without it treatments and essentials for patients would be back in the dark ages.