Focus on Fairground Ride Safety

The BBC One programme Inside Out, (aired on Monday 18 February 2013) investigated the safety of fairground rides. The documentary featured the case of a young girl who had been thrown from the end seat of a high roller ride, a result of which she sustained significant injuries.  The owner of the ride was prosecuted for ignoring HSE guidelines and failing to implement the simple step of adding safety bars to the end seats, or at the very least, ensuring the particular seat was left unoccupied.  This is not a costly measure bearing in mind the potential for catastrophic injuries.

Users of fairground rides should be encouraged HSE Guidelines do exist and as long as fairground owners have put those guidelines in place, they should feel safe and enjoy their time at the fair.  I would however urge anyone who has any concerns about the safety of rides to report it to the HSE who can then investigate and ensure that all safety measures are in place. 

Lanyon Bowdler has previously represented claimants who have been injured as a result of fairground accidents.  Sadly, despite guidelines for safety being issued, there are still fairground owners out there who are failing to observe them.  Whilst injured parties have the opportunity to take legal advice about seeking compensation for their injuries, it would be preferable if fairground owners acted responsibly and ensured their rides are safe so that everyone can enjoy their time at the fair.