Follow My Progress as I Train to 'Walk the Walk' in the 2011 London Moonwalk in Aid of Breast Cancer

My name is Barbara Dartnall and I am an Assistant in the Private Client Department based at Ludlow.
My sister-in-law threw down the gauntlet several weeks ago and challenged me to join her in the London 2011 Moonwalk for breast cancer.  If course I said yes. I've never done anything like this before so agreed to sign up.  I had an afterthought and wondered how far the Moonwalk was. She said "it's only 26.2 miles".
When I picked my chin off the floor after I realised it was a marathon I thought, OK why not.  I've committed myself to fundraising for an amazing charity which members of my family have had the benefit of research.
I am of Ashkenazi Jewish race who are susceptible to breast cancer (expecially the men) plus Ovarian cancer - the women.  It's a bit like African/Caribbean people susceptible to sickle cell anaemia.
A few members of my family had breast cancer in the past, my Aunt dying from it and she was a breast cancer nurse living in Hungary.
My father then had breast cancer and indeed had a mastectomy. He also had lymph nodes removed followed by bowel cancer surgery. 
It was the breast cancer in my father that alerted my consultant when I found several breast lumps (which thankfully turned out to be cysts).  Apparently breast cancer is passed down from Jewish father to daugher rather that Jewish mother to daughter.
Because of my family background I was given the opportunity to be genetically tested. Carrying the breast cancer gene would mean that my daughters would have the opportunity to start having mammograms at the age of 40 rather than 50.
So, I have started training in ernest.  I've joined my local gym in Bishops Castle and I swim. I also intend to have one lengthy road speed march a week weather permitting.
Last week I managed my first road walk from Horderley back to Bishops Castle which clocked up 6.1 miles.  I have just finished my second road walk of 7.5 miles (I took the dogs this time) who are now comatozed and draped over the furniture.  I'm now off for a long soak in a hot bath. I'm told it's better for your muscles to have a cold bath - no chance!!
Please follow my fortnightly blogs to see how my training is coming along. You can also follow my blogs on the Walk the Walk breast cancer web site on

Follow me on Twitter @barbdartnall too. 
Most importantly of all, sponsorship will be appreciated so much.