Football Banning Orders

Now that the football season is over, with Shrewsbury finally getting promoted, and England manager, Roy Hodgson, recently announcing his squad for the European Championships next month, some people will not be allowed to travel to follow the national team, or indeed their own team next season as they are subject to a Football Banning Order.

Banning orders are issued by the courts following a conviction for a football related violence or disorder offence.  The order prevents them from attending games or being in the vicinity of games.  They may also have to surrender their passport before international matches.

The order can last between three and ten years.  Breach of an order is a criminal offence and is punishable by up to six months imprisonment.

Did you know however that applications can be made to the court to lift an order early? For more information on this I can be contacted on 01952 211020 or email