Georgina Jones Enjoys Work Experience with Lanyon Bowdler

Georgina has joined the marketing team for a day and so I asked her to let me know what she hoped to gain from spending some time with the firm, she responded:

"I initially wanted to do my work experience at a law firm, because it’s something that really interests me, and something which I would very possibly like to study in further education. I also wanted to get a feel of what it’s like to work in a professional office environment, and which area of the business I would find particularly interesting.

"So far doing my work experience at Lanyon Bowdler, has helped me in finding out about all of the above, and is proving to be a very interesting, fun and helpful experience. On the first day with Lanyon Bowdler I was working in the clinical negligence department. I spent the day meeting clients with different solicitors, and I also listened in on a screening phone call. This was extremely interesting, as it showed me what kind of cases the firm accepts, and the different factors that are involved in deciding whether to take on a claim, or whether to decline it.

"On my second day with the firm, I joined the criminal department, and was able to go to court, and learn about how the barristers work, and also sit in court cases, and get a general feel of what goes on. I then spent the last half of my day, visiting the police station, and reading through interesting client files. I enjoyed myself very much, because I was able to experience environments which I had little knowledge about.

"I am now on my third day, and have joined the marketing department in Wellington. This is a very different side of the business, than the other departments I have been working with so far, and I am learning how the communication works between them. I have also learned about how beneficial adverts are in different forms, such as newspaper, internet, radio etc.

"I am really enjoying my time with the firm, and would definitely recommend doing work experience here, if it’s something you’re really interested in. Lanyon Bowdler is a brilliant firm, and I am very grateful for the week I am spending here."

Thanks for the great feedback Georgie.