Green Fingered Members of Lanyon Bowdler are Growing for the Headway Showgarden

We have a fair few people within Lanyon Bowdler cultivating seedlings for our Show Garden.  We asked if they would kindly keep a journal on how things go, the idea being extracts from these journals will feature in the Podcasts, we hope to have available for visitors to listen to.  So the first two to share things with us are dispute resolution solicitor Lucy Swallow and personal injury solicitor Dawn Humphries.

Lucy says:

Tuesday 18 May
"I have received my seeds. I am fairly inexperienced on the gardening front so I asked for whatever was easiest to grow. I have received marigolds which, according to the instructions, are indeed very easy to grow.  However, the instructions contain not just one but repeated warnings about the danger of that favourite garden pest the slug.  The instructions tell me that slugs love marigolds and that I need to be extra vigilant. Oh dear, I don't need to be told that slugs love marigolds as I know this from bitter experience.  When we bought our first house a few years ago, my husband and I enthusiastically set to work to add some colour to the garden the first Summer we were there. We came back from the garden centre armed with bedding plants, including lots of marigolds as they reminded my husband of his grandmother's garden. We planted enthusiastically in all the beds and by the end of the day the garden was full of colour. Unfortunately, this was short lived. By the next day, to our horror, all that was left of the marigolds were bare green stalks with the odd decimated leaf. Absolutely all the flowers had gone.  In just 24 hours the slugs had chomped through the lot.  I can see I have a challenge on my hands.  The instructions tell me that slugs can be found on the marigolds overnight, in wet weather and early morning. I think I have a little job to keep my two year occupied  - chief slug policeman."

Dawn's diary starts off as follows:

"Day one
Very excited to receive my seeds this morning, slightly more disconcerted to note that in addition to my packet of 30 sweet peas I had  a packet of 1500 night scented stocks seeds...... the prospect of an emergency e bay consignment of 1500 plus pots and  a commercial poly tunnel in which to house them until August was a little worrying to say the least, until my more experienced green fingers colleagues suggested they all be scattered on just a tray and that I just picked out the strongest. So, somewhat relieved, that I don't have to turn my home into a full scale to professional nursery, and move the family out into rented, whilst I plant sit; the girls and I are looking forward to some therapeutic potting up over the weekend, on a more manageable scale."

More will follow..... follow the Show Garden Diary by clicking this link.