Happy Healthy New Year

With lots starting their first days of fulfilling New Year resolutions, which for many, after a festive period of over indulging on food and drink, involve commitments to a healthy lifestyle today’s blog focuses on this, and the positive effects, we as individuals can have on our NHS. 



Living healthily is essential for everyone. There is known research which shows that leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle not only improves quality of life and life expectancy but also happiness.

However, the benefits are much wider. A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of certain diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and obesity.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle also promotes lower blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of injuries and falls, and improves mental health and a sense of well-being.

Healthier snacks

Whilst some of these diseases and illnesses will sadly be unavoidable, others can be avoided with healthier living. These avoidable illnesses result in rising health and medical care costs which put a huge strain on our NHS. At a time when the long term funding and sustainability of the NHS is somewhat unknown this is extremely important. I strongly believe that as a country we are lucky to have an NHS and we must do everything in our power to support this and ensure its future.

Yesterday morning Public Health England launched a campaign to encourage parents to look for healthier snacks for their children of no more than 100 calories - and to limit them to two a day.

So as we enter into 2018 I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, and most importantly healthy, New Year and good luck with your New Year’s resolutions.


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