Hereford Board of Young Enterprise

I was a Business Adviser under the Young Enterprise Scheme for three years, and am now a member of the Hereford Board of Young Enterprise which oversees the operation of the scheme in Herefordshire.


The scheme enables groups of students, under the guidance of a link teacher and the Business Adviser, to experience the setting up and running of a small business. the programme starts at the beginning of the September term and there are progressive knock out competitions between the participating teams at county, regional, national and (in July) at EU level.

Spring Fair

Events such as the Spring Fair enable the students to market their products or services to the general public and prizes are awarded to stimulate and involve the teams.

However the emphasis is on learning rather than winning in that the scheme offers the participants valuable insights into the world of business. it is also a rewarding activity for the Business Advisers who are drawn from business backgrounds and are usually (as in my case) supported by the businesses in which they work.

Volunteers Required

Volunteers are always required and I can recommend the role as a stimulating and challenging way of giving the younger generation some practical preparation for the world of work and as a way of contributing to the local community.