Herefordshire Headway

Herefordshire Headway is a local charity affiliated to Headway the brain injury association. It offers care and rehabilitation for adults who have had a head injury or acquired brain injury. This can be, for example through accident or illness, such as following a stroke or brain haemorrhage. The path to as independent a living as is possible is via vital rehabilitation.


Together with my colleague Sophie Davies, we were taken around the Credenhill centre by CEO Helen Map whose enthusiasm for and commitment to this facility was clear from the start.

Need for Local Facilities

In my work in clinical negligence I often deal with victims of acquired brain injury and it is important to know what facilities are available locally and how we can access them for our clients.

I also spoke to Mr B who has recently been able to secure funding from his GP to benefit from the facilities offered at Herefordshire Headway. In addition to the rehabilitation and therapies available, what struck me was his comment that here they understood him. He explained how a head injury is different to, say a broken limb which you can see, because as people can’t see an injury they don’t understand, and don’t expect you to have any problems. He felt at Herefordshire Headway he could just be himself, he didn’t have to explain himself.

Clients at Herefordshire Headway can attend the various sessions including the carpentry work shop; yoga and Pilates; art therapy; music therapy or just attend for a coffee and a chat. The centre also offers lunch on the days it is open and this smelt delicious. This is an important part of the care available offering a home cooked meal, where circumstances might make this difficult every day.


Support in the Community

There is support in the community which provides not only support for those with a head injury to lead more independent lives, plan budgets, go shopping and look after themselves but also vital support for carers, ensuring they can get a break by providing a sitting service or taking both carer and client out together, as well as the emotional support of an understanding group of people at the monthly carers support meetings, and whenever individual carers need to chat things through.

As it was not raining for once we were able to take a look at the garden, where the sensory garden is to be updated shortly by volunteers from a local company, with the hope that part of the gardens will be extended into a kitchen garden.

This is clearly an important and beneficial facility for those who have suffered a head injury or acquired brain injury in and around Herefordshire. Herefordshire Headway is reliant upon donations for its vital work. I urge you to look at the website to find out more and perhaps help if you can